October 2002
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Now it is October of 2002!

We are now over twenty-eight months old and weigh over 29 pounds a piece and are over 36" tall.
We are slimming down and looking so much taller! We are into everything and fight constantly amongst ourselves and with Sarah. It is never dull at our house. Sarah is growing so much too. She is reading and writing everything she can. Mommy and daddy continue to be so proud of her.

We're ready for the Lands'End catalog!

Patrick and Will Patrick has on a new outfit and Will is wearing Sarah's handmedown.
Patrick and Will- Why do we always shut our eyes when mommy asks us to smile?
Patrick and Will- It's hard to get that perfect shot!
Patrick and Will- Mom is still trying hard for that perfect picture!
Patrick- Check out those baby blues!
Will- Don't forget about me!
Patrick and Will- We do really love eachother, contrary to what mom believes!
Patrick and Will- One of us is standing in a pumpkin!
Will and Patrick- Another shot of one of us standing in the pumpkin!
Sarah- Finally, one of ME! I am playing Barbies.
Mom and Will- Not the best shot of either of us, but it shows how we are sure aging mom, who will be 34 on October 30th!
Patrick- Patrick driving Sarah's jeep, they have completely taken it over!