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Sarah's First Year

Sarah was born May 25, 1996 at 3:13 pm at 38 weeks. She weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 inches long. The nurse who brought her to us said she looked just like snow white with tons of black hair and beautiful red lips.

SARAH, 2 days We were getting ready to take her home. She looks like Snow White.
SARAH, 4 weeks, I am four weeks old in this picture. mommy thinks I look like a monkey.
SARAH, one month I actually liked wearing sunglasses. For a little while, anyways!
SARAH, 6 weeks - I was only six weeks old when this photo was taken everyone says I look like an angel!
SARAH, 2 months Little did mom and dad know that they would have two baby boys that would look just like this (barring hair)in four more years. The pouty look.
SARAH, almost 3 months Getting ready to roll over. kicking it up!
SARAH, 4 months- We visited some friends in Jacksonville and I went to the beach for the first time in Ponte Vedre(sp?) Didn't have a clue where I was!
SARAH, 4 months We were out of town and at a hotel. I had my bath in the sink!
SARAH, almost 4 months I liked my bouncy seat. what a chunkster!
SARAH, 5 months - I am five months old here cereal, yum yum!-Go Kentucky!
SARAH, 5 months- I was a duck for Halloween. My memaw made my costume! Mom's favorite picture!
SARAH, 6 months - What a sad look! She must be sleeeeeepy!
SARAH, 6 months- Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!
SARAH, 6 1/2 months - I was 6 1/2 months in this picture with Santa I liked him that year, not the next.
SARAH, 7 months - I really enjoyed pulling up to stand. We knew life would never be the same
SARAH, 7 months - I crawled so much I passed out. What an imprint on my face when I woke up.
SARAH, 7 months - Now this is the way to load the dishwasher. I am sure a good helper!
SARAH, months - I started walking at 9 months 12 days. I never really staggered, just up and away!
SARAH, 11 months - I always helped daddy in the yard. I loved to put the rocks in my mouth - YUUMM!
SARAH, 1st birthday - I'm an expert at this. Didn't leave a bite on the tray.
SARAH, 1 year - I really enjoyed my tweety-bird cake not much was left of my piece when I finished!