Patrick and Will.
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We Are Definitely Growing!

We are getting so big. You would never know we were the little peanuts who started out so teensy tiny.
At 3 months we weighed around 14 pounds each and were about 24" long.

PATRICK and WILL - - If all else fails, we can always be clowns in the circus. We had no clue why we're subjected to this.
WILL and PATRICK, almost 5 months, Halloween 2000 - My memaw made our clown suits, aren't we just adorable. We didn't care for the hats too much.
WILL, SARAH and PATRICK, October 2000- This is the clan. It's amazing how much they all looked alike as babies.
PATRICK and WILL - Aren't we huge? Mom only did this once, it was hard!
PATRICK, SARAH, and WILL - Sarah had cut her own hair, isn't she the stylist. Don't we all have chipmunk cheeks!
WILL and PATRICK - I guess we'll soon love dumptrucks and the like At least dad hopes so.
WILL and PATRICK - Oh brother, not him again! This is usually how our pictures turn out, one kinda of looking at the camera and the other one looking elsewhere.
PATRICK, 5 months- Enjoying the swing. Someday mom will catch us in a smile.
WILL,5 months - Now I am enjoying the swing! Again - almost smiling.
PATRICK, 5 months - Look at the gleam in those eyes! He looks like he's done something he shouldn't have.
PATRICK and WILL, 5 months - Playing together! We love to get in the exersaucers and spin around.
PATRICK, 5 months - Look at those cheeks! Which ones?
WILL, 5 months - What a pose! I am the real chunkster.
WILL, 5 months- Huh! Mom just liked this picture.
WILL, 5 months- Who let the dogs out! He looks like the Baha Men dancing here.