Patrick and Will.
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We're Getting Sooo Big!

We are now almost 7 months old and weigh close to 20 pounds a piece and are 28" long. The doctor says we're going to be linemen on the football team. Mom hopes not!

PATRICK, SARAH, and WILL - Are they triplets? We're amazed at how much the boys look like Sarah at the same age. Well, everything but the hair issue.
PATRICK, 5 1/2 months- Singing his heart out! We've recently discovered we can squeal and scream, much to mom and dad's displeasure! Eeeeek!
WILL and PATRICK, 5 1/2 months- Playing in Sissy's wagon! Mom kept finding leaves in our clothes as the day went on!

PATRICK, 5 1/2 months- Look at those baby blues! Frosty would be proud!
WILL, 5 1/2 months- Rosy cheeks! My outfit matches Patricks!
WILL, 6 1/2 months- Oh my! I shouldn't of had that last 4 ounces of milk!
SARAH, WILL and PATRICK, 4 years and 6 1/2 months- At least we're all not crying! Or smiling either!
PATRICK, 6 1/2 months- Now listen Santa! Is there anything you can do with my look-a-like?
NANA and PATRICK- Ho, Ho, Ho! Pick a winner, Patrick!