Patrick and Will.
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We're Sitting and Standing Up and On The Move!

We are now 10 months old and weigh over 22 pounds a piece and are about 30" long.
We are slimming down and looking so much longer! We are into everything and walking unassisted is just around the corner. How did we all survive those first 10 months? Boy, has it flown by.

WILL, 8 months - Here I am in my highchair, doing what else, but.... Eating, I love to eat.
WILL and PATRICK, 8 months- We love to play! And we especially like to take whatever toy my brother has!
WILL, 8 months- Patrick crawled first! But I've already moved up to warp speed!

WILL and PATRICK, 7 1/2 months- Here we are doing our exercises! Trying to work off all those holiday calories!
WILL, 7 1/2 months- Which way did he go? I'm ready to play ball!
WILL and PATRICK, 7 months- Oh come on Will! SMILE!!!!

PATRICK and WILL, 7 months- This is our favorite toy! We are listing!
PATRICK, 8 months- Aren't I the cutest thing! Well, one of two of the cutest things?
PATRICK and DADDY- This is my on my first vacation! I loved the pool!
WILL- Yum, Yum! Eating again!
WILL and GRANDDADDY- Relaxing in the pool! Grandaddy really like to swim with us!
PATRICK- I bounced myself into a slumber! Don't call social services, this is the only time this has happened!
WILL and MOMMY- My very first time in the pool! I loved to put my face in the water!
WILL, 8 months- What a surprise mom got when she opened our bedroom door! Looks like the crib mattress needs lowering!
WILL and PATRICK- We almost look like little girls in this one! Mom will be sure and erase this before we get big enough to read that!
PATRICK- Who needs your hands? Just suck real hard and it'll stay put!
PATRICK and SARAH- Here we are schmoozing for mom at Nana's in Florida! We really do love eachother!
PATRICK, 8 months- I am eating again! But now it's REAL food! I especially like pea, carrots, cereal bars, and of course CHEERIOS!
WILL and PATRICK, 8 1/2 months- This is our favorite thing to do! Stare out the front door! Where one of us goes, the other is not far behind.
WILL, 8 months- I am loving finger foods! We now have 4 teeth and grapes are my favorite says my Memaw!
PATRICK, SARAH, and WILL- Here we are schmoozing for mom in our living room! Does Sarah look sadistic or what?
WILL, 8 1/2 months- I am wearing my daddy's hat! He loves the Sopranos!
WILL, 8 1/2 months- I love my kick start activity gym! Especially when I can stand up with it!
PATRICK, 10 months- We got a new jogging stroller! Not that mom is ever going to jog, but we do take many walks, and Spring is finally here!
WILL, 10 months- This is me in our new jogger! It rides like a dream!