Patrick and Will.
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The Boys Have Arrived!

We had beautiful identical twin boys on June 2, 2000. Patrick and Will were born almost 5 weeks early and weighed 5 lbs 8 ozs and 6 lbs 4 ozs respectively. Patrick was 19 1/4 inches long and Will was 19 3/4 inches long. Mom hates to think how she would have felt if we'd of made it to term. Ouch! We had a bit of Twin to Twin Transfusion that occurred during delivery (doctors think) so Patrick had to stay in the NICU for the 48 hours we were at the hospital to have his iron and breathing monitored. Luckily, we all came home together on the 4th of June. We are now over 10 months and weigh over 22 lbs.

PATRICK, SARAH, and WILL - Are they triplets? We're amazed at how much the boys look like Sarah at the same age. Well, everything but the hair issue.
PATRICK - This is Patrick with all his monitors when he was in the NICU. After a day, he was just down to an I.V., then came home the next day.
WILL - This is Will when they brought him back to mommy's room. He was wrapped like a burrito, all snuggly.
PATRICK and WILL - This is our first picture together, it was right after our circumcision, YIKES and just before we came home. And mom and dad were worried we'd forget each other.
SARAH - This is us on the way home, we're in the very back, you can just make out our carseats. Sarah sure was proud to bringing home two babies so soon.
OUR ROOM - My memaw made the crib layette and curtains. She even tacked on stars on the ties for the bumper. What a memaw!
PATRICK and WILL - Here is a picture of us together at one week old. The blissfulness of twins sleeping at the same time.
PATRICK and WILL - Here is the picture that was used in our birth announcement. Again, sleeping twins, YAHOO!
NANA and GRANDDADDY - These are my mom's parents enjoying their grandchildren. We're a week old here and nana have given us tons of help and also still does.
MEMAW and SARAH - This is my daddy's mom and Sarah. We had tons of help from her the first 3 months and still do. Thank You!
WILL - This is Will at his first "real" bath. Their cords came off in just 7 days, within hours of each other. We enjoyed it pretty well.
WILL and PATRICK - Our first stroller ride. Why did mom cram us in their like that? We were 6 days old.
WILL - I was about 3 weeks old here. What a cutie.
PATRICK, 3 weeks We sure loved those pacifiers. Another cutie!
WILL and PATRICK, 3 months We had our 3 month pictures taken today. They didn't turn out so well, so mom took these instead!